Monday, January 12, 2009

[JessFinds} Sick Kiddos

I have a sick Crab and a sorta-sick (maybe just ornery) Gonzo. Crab is barking like a harbor seal, which means we have croup back in the house.

I am a big fan of the Children's Tylenol / Children's Motrin cocktail. I do not tend to push drugs on the kids unless absolutely necessary (as much as I like to talk big, I don't actually believe in Benadrylling kids prior to a flight either). Crab is all out of sorts - big fevers. Her night terrors return full blast when she is feverish and she had bouts all last night.

FYI - the night terrors are self resolving. As many of you know, she has had terrors since she was six months old. We have done everything we can to help her but AGE appears to be the biggest factor. She has gone from 2-3 awful bouts a night to maybe 2x moderate ones per week.

Crab had her first sleepover last Friday. It was hilarious. An almost disaster, but she is only 4 1/2. We were in the same house with her, but the unfamiliar bed, unfamiliar room and unfamiliar little person in bed with her was a bit much. She told me that sleepovers are "boring."


I am playing with my new iPod all the time and I will upload my current playlist soon. I love that I can plug it in to my minivan and then hold on to the very last, tiny, itty-bitty shred of coolness I once had. Yeah. I rock it in a minivan. And I think you can't see me when I sing. Because in New Blue (aka Air Force One) I am invincible!

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