Monday, January 12, 2009

[JessFinds] Spree Killer

Wow. I had to end that posting spree of Marie's. Is that what it looks like when I go off on a spree? We need to force each other to balance out the posts!

Here are some questions I would like Marie to answer:

1. Have you encountered any products with New Baby Spawn of Your Loins (come on, we need a name for the butterbean) that you wish you had with Squirrel?

2. How is potty training going? Cloth diapering w/ two kids? Spill. I have not really attempted to get Gonzo on the ultra chic Baby Bjorn potty yet. My MIL has had some success with her. Crab was not ready until almost 3.

This blog has been pretty slanted towards the raising of daughters. Lawyer had to go and ruin that streak with his wacky man chromosomes. I am interested to see what will happen now that we have a boy in the mix.

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