Monday, January 12, 2009

(MarieFinds) Gear the second time around

So, Jess asked me a question... Have you encountered any products with ... the new baby ... that you wish you had with Squirrel? The short answer is no. One thing I am amazed we didn't have earlier with the squirrel, though. We didn't get her bouncy seat until she was almost three months old. We got it as a gift. This kid has been in it since day one. And yes, it is obnoxiously bright pink and floral. Hee. He will likely be traumatized by the photos of himself in what is so clearly a GIRL'S seat when he is an adolescent.

The only real piece of new gear, is our hand-me-down double stroller. It's the Graco DuoGlider from a few years ago. Willed to us by some friends who relocated and didn't want to drag it back to Kansas with them. I would be in HELL without it. Mercifully the Squirrel loves "buggy" rides, so she is happy to be in it. Only flaw it that it is a little long, but I can live with that.

We just haven't really acquired that much new gear with a second baby. We really went minimalist with Squirrel, and have kept to that. I will be pulling the excersaucer out in a couple of months, but that's about it.

Squirrel on the other hand ... if I can find the one I want may be acquiring a play kitchen soon. But I want to pick one I can live with having in my house for the next few years. Preferably not in pink. Cooking should be an all sex sport. I WILL teach my son to be comfortable in the kitchen and scrubbing toilets, dammit. I can't imagine if I had married a man who didn't cook.

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JESS said...

I agree - with Gonzo I feel a bit bad, but she is the hand-me-down kid and seems pretty happy about it for now. I imagine at a certain point (you are the younger sister, so you might have more insight than I) that there is a moment when you want something of your very own.