Friday, December 12, 2008

[JessFinds] She hit the floor ... shorty got low, low, low, low

I went to the lab to do my regular blood draw (thyroid testing) and the tech missed my v-v-vein. And she used the giant honkin' needle that screams "this might hurt ... a lot."

It is a big deal for me to use v-v-vein and needle in a post without passing out.

And that is what I almost did. Passed out. Tunnel vision, the feeling of garlicky garbonzo beans and couscous moving up from my stomach and in to my throat (memo to self, don't eat that prior to a blood draw).

So there I was with my head between my legs, embarrassed, trying not to hurl or drop like a dead weight to the floor.

The other tech said "oh, wait - let me do it. I always use a butterfly on her." I have been going in for blood draws every four weeks for the last 8 months. They know me. They ask me about my girls by name. Ya think they would remember that I have a little history of passing out? Ya think?

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Anne Marie said...

Oh, honey! I am such a big fat baby that I cry, cry, cry at blood draws. So embarrassing...