Saturday, December 13, 2008

(JessFinds) Decking the Halls

We are having a small holiday party tomorrow afternoon. It should be nice - we kept the list very small. Crab is having a little ornament / craft making party. Just a few of her friends and their parents. Thank goodness for the easy age appropriate pre-packaged craft kits from The kids can make a necklace for their mom, a snow globe for their dad and an ornament or two for their tree.

Today I have:

1. Purchased Eggnog, Apple Cider & Hot Chocolate
2. Decorated a Gingerbread House w/ Miss Crab
3. Sugar crashed and managed a 2o min nap
4. Clove studded a Clementine

It does not matter if it is 8 people or 80 - I still have to clean this house! So that is my task for the day. I need to shine this place up. It is decorated, but messy. The girls are watching a movie right now, which means I should take advantage of the lull in activity to try to accomplish a few things.

My only complaint for the day is this: Since my thyroid is wacky again, my joints are squeaky, cracking and achy. I am back to being 85 years old. It hurts to bend my knees. I just want to go soak in a hot bath. Cleaning. Bah Humbug.

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