Friday, December 19, 2008

[JessFinds] Remembering Angus, 1997 -2008

It is with sad heart that I report Angus is officially kaputt.

Our 1997 Ford Exploder XLT is now worth about $0 on KBB and requires over $4000 in repairs to work again. He needs (another) new transmission and a new 4-wheel drive case.

That means, we are facing our first snowstorm without Angus and without 4wd. A moment of silence.

Here are some of our fondest memories of Angus....

-- Exploding in Missouri just outside the town of Hannibal (Mark Twain's childhood home on the Mississippi). Needed a new fuel pump. We were "stuck" in Hannibal for three days waiting for parts to arrive from Quincy, Ill.

-- Angus needing new breaks, another fuel pump and various other horribly expensive repairs and parts. Our favorite being the $20 part that required $600 in labor to replace. All while Preacher was in seminary and we had nothin' but credit debt to our names.

-- Getting about sixteen Ford recalls.

-- Joie & Jesse spilling asian fish oil on the upholstery (they borrowed Angus for a move). The scent of an Alaskan cannery came out each summer following that. In their defense, they did offer to have it cleaned. In our defense, it just added to his character.

-- Angus getting towed 78 miles to civilization from a winery in Western Virginia - thank God for AAA Plus.

-- How each year we swore we would unload the gas guzzling, constantly exploding Ford masterpiece and then a good snowfall would remind us why we loved Angus so much. That and he was great for hauling stuff to the dump.


Joie said...

RIP, Angus.

And I told Jesse to wrap up the condiments a lot better than he had and got the "I've got it covered, butt out speech." His fault.

Marie said...

Ohh... we had a Dodge Neon. We moved. I had all the condiments in the front on the floor boards. the fish sauce spilled. Everytime it heated up, or we vaccuumed the car, the smell came back. Mercifully the head gasket blew just a year later.

Joie said...

OMG! The same story. How funny (or smelly).