Sunday, December 21, 2008

[JessFinds] Hunker Down

I am guesstimating the amount of snow on my deck to be about 15 inches. Maybe more? I am not sure my upstairs deck can hold that much snow! I don't think it can safely hold me. I am not exactly sure how it is supported, but I am pretty sure it is not to code.

It is a beautiful winter wonderland out there! So sparkly and pretty - we were supposed to get a dusting today and we ended up with another 3 or so inches. I think we are getting a wintery-mix right now which means everything will freeze up. Too bad. I love the powdery snow. Tonight we are supposed to have a big wind storm with up to 50 mph winds. Howling fun. That is pretty dangerous with how weighed down the tree limbs are right now.

It is definitely a "hunker down" type of evening. So hunker I will.

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