Friday, December 19, 2008

[JessFinds] I wish I knew Russian

We are expecting the STORM OF THE CENTURY to start in a few hours. It is anticipated that THE SKY WILL BE FALLING. People have made a RUN ON THE MARKETS for things like BREAD and MILK and our local grocery store looks like a scene from BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN.

I giggle. Snowplows are making dry runs. With lights flashing. I am not kidding. I am sure there is a valid reason for this (learning the routes, timing themselves, etc...) but do the lights need to be flashing? Snow is not expected for another three or so hours.

My MIL went to Stalingrad (aka: Stop N' Shop, our grocery store) last night for a few supplies. She said it was mad chaos.

It is supposed to be a heavy storm - we have been told to expect up to 12 inches of snow. That is a significant amount. I just love how excited the local news gets. It is like Mother Nature threw them a big juicy bone.

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