Monday, December 29, 2008

[JessFinds] A Monday Evening in December

I have a howling baby in the background.
Ok. Better now.

Marie and I have been at this blogging project for a year now - and it has been a big year. We have regular readers, subscribers, a BLOGHER membership and even a list of folks on Facebook who seem interested in what we have to say. Y'all must be bored. We really don't ever say anything that important!

I am at the intersection of expand or maintain. I am leaning towards maintain right now.

I am excited for the New Year 2009. I think we are going to visit some friends for an overnighter. They are great people with adorable kids that are just a little bit older than ours. We might take a train in the city to see fireworks and then return to their home to sample homebrew. That sounds awesome.

I believe that New Year's Eve is Amateur Night. People who don't normally drink, do. It is a drinkin' holiday (like St. Patrick's day). Which could be fun, except people treat it as a couples holiday. It is definitely NOT a couples holiday. It should be the anti-couple holiday.

You mix drinking with high expectations and somebody ends up alone in a hotel room in British Columbia calling her BFF at 3AM because she thinks her significant other has joined the Canadian Navy. Ok. Maybe I am projecting.

Or falling drunk down a flight of stairs in a strapless tight red minidress at a concert hall in front of a few hundred people and exclaiming "I can't find my boyfriend!" with your ta-tas exposed to said crowd. This did not happen to me. But it did happen. Classic Rhonda.

Or co-hosting a New Year party for 50 of your dearest friends and finding yourself out for the count by 10PM with your ex making sure you get home safely so you can hug the toilet for two hours, telling him to f'off as he says "Hey, the ball just dropped in NYC - Happy New Year."

It is just not worth it to get that kiss at midnight.

Yes, we have all had some not-so-proud moments. Marie? Have any New Year doozies to contribute?

I don't have big expectations for this holiday ever. It is a good night to stay off the roads. Madam New Year is a fickle bitch.


Joie said...

We are having couple friends, Terri and Maxine, and their two little girls over for prime rib and good wine and then they are getting out of here by 8 to beat the drunks home. I haven't been out on this night in forever. What did we do in seminary?

Marie said...

Hmmm... my worst new years story involves peach schnapps. It was my fuzzy navel phase. Yes, i had a fuzzy navel phase. (In my defense, I think I was about 19.) maybe my best new years inolved Jess and the Preacher, and two other couples. I did an old school holiday Goose and we drank WAY TOO MUCH. Everyone stayed the night.

In general, this has never been my holiday for debauchary. St. Patrick's day is another story...

JESS said...

What did we do in seminary? I have no idea! Seriously. I don't have a single New Year memory ... we must have done something!? Wait - one year we were in Houston - at the Basketball game. Marla & Jimmy's wedding.

Joie said...

Yes, that would have been our second year. You were pregnant and so then the next year, you were a mommy to a wee one and so probably did nothing for New Year's Eve and were thankful if you got to bed before midnight.