Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[JessFinds] I am doing it all wrong...

I found this interesting: http://health.yahoo.com/experts/skintype/13025/the-6-biggest-skin-care-mistakes/

I am sure my male readers will be riveted by this discussion, but women spend an ungodly amount of time, money and energy on skincare. Years (and years) ago, my friend Rachel told me that her grandmother used nothing but Oil of Olay on her skin as a moisturizer. Her grandma looks amazing. So I am a devotee - I have used Oil of Olay since my early 20's and I use the sensitive skin, spf 20 stuff.

Here is my current routine:
AM - slather on Oil of Olay and put on cosmetics
PM - Use makeup remover wipes (sometimes regular wipes and sometimes exfoliating wipes) and slather on Oil of Olay

Turns out, I am missing a few steps. Which is good to know because (a) I am over the dread 30 benchmark and (b) I have super super, super dry skin - aka prone to wrinkles.

According to the article there are 6 things we should be doing:

1. Using gentle cleansers w/ fatty acids like Dove's Pro Age product line. Dry skin should use cleansing oils. I am a fan of those samples of olive oil cleanser that come in the mail from DHC. I love the way it cleans my face. I should invest in a full sized bottle.

2. Use a Retinol (vitimin A) product. If you are over 30, you should get a dermatologists prescription.

3. Avoid spending money on pricey items with pretty packages and promises. They don't work and our money should go to the Retinol perscription as it is the only thing that actually rids wrinkles.

4. Avoid getting facials as they actually aggrivate the skin.

5. Wash your face AFTER washing your hair because conditioners and some shampoos can aggrivate the skin.

6. Use an SPF sunscreen every day (at least I had this one right)


Joie said...

I agree with everything but the facial (and try as I might, every time I use something with retinol, I burn the top layer of skin off). I am a facial devotee, when I get them my skin really does look a lot better and I have far fewer breakouts.

JESS said...

I should have placed bets that you would be the one to respond pro facial! Hilarious. I totally knew you could not let that go by w.out a comment.

Marie said...

hee. i abuse my skin. my process? morning:
1. wash face in shower with oil of olay cleanser and scrub (before i wash my hair)
2. applyoil of olay spf 15.
3. makeup (when working / going out. my skin is getting a great break while i am on leave.
4. at night? i crawl in bed fully made up.