Sunday, December 21, 2008

(MarieFinds) Hunkered Down ... West Coast Style

Foundational layering ...

... so one can sit in the snow.
We got 8" of snow yesterday. And then the ice came over night. by this morning, our glorious powder was covered in a full 1/4" of ice. it bore Super Squirrel's weight. heh. Last night, The Lawyer went all Pa Ingalls and walked into town for supplies in a blizzard. OK, it was a 1/2 mile to the grocery store, and it was a snow storm, not a blizzard, but you get my point. We were out of rice. And needed fresh vegetables. And wanted to make lasagna today.
So, ice is falling from the sky, and the lasagna is in the oven early in case we lose power. The Lawyer is playing with the lantern, and the kerosene lamps are full. The cell phones are charging. My greater family Christmas celebration was cancelled for today, so let it ice, let it ice, let it ice.

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JESS said...

Pa Ingalls! Hahahahaa!