Sunday, December 14, 2008

(MarieFinds) Five Minutes

I have been in a hole, lately. Finding a few minutes to post or update people has been pretty hard to come by. I think I usually do my posting from the office? I think this is why I usually get to work by 7:30... so I can take time to post here, update my Linked In account, and other random surfings. (When was the last time I checked out Perez? I feel so out of the Amy Winehouse drama loop...)

Anyway, things are good. Baby Boy is gaining weight like a mad man. He is sleeping well. Tonight I did a kick ass ham with orange-maple glaze because I have been craving ham for ages. The Lawyer made his patented super-cheesy-with-cream-and-bacon scalloped potatoes.

My days are currently spent feeding the wee one trying to keep the Squirrel entertained. No easy task while I still feel like I am in recovery. I distinctly recall that at this point after having the squirrel, I hadn't left the couch except for a few carefully controlled outings... I have been out of the house every day since we have been home...

Squirrel, in the infant car seat, and holding her brother tonight...

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