Monday, November 3, 2008

(MarieFinds) Odds & Ends

A friend sent me this the other day ... it amused me.
Going to an election party tomorrow, assuming I can get the logistics worked out. Gotta get home and pick up the visiting FIL, let the dog out, get the Squirrel from daycare, get the Lawyer from work, get across town ... sometimes being a one car family just sucks. I'm glad we do it, but sometimes it is a huge pain in the ass.
Halloween was big fun. Squirrel liked Trick or Treating, and was all "please and thank you" in her little monkey costume, until she got bum rushed by a bunch of kids. What supervising adult stands back on the sidewalk and let's a group of 7 year olds plow through a toddler who is already standing on the front steps? Nice manners. After that, she was done. Completely traumatized. Mercifully, Auntie Lola was with us, and so she carried her to the next couple of houses and snuggled with her until she was OK. She was done with the walking, though.
I will post more later, including updates to the new daycare search. I have to get some work done, though. This "transition plan" here at the office is kind of kicking my ass. As of today, though, "the new girl" is driving this train, and I am just an observer. heh. Sure.
But in good news? Got all the baby clothes washed (almost all hand me downs. Kid has like 4 new articles of clothing... two outfits and two pair of pajamas.) Picked up new shelves at IKEA, and the Lawyer put those up Saturday. Fitting two kids in that room is going to be tight!

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