Monday, November 3, 2008

[JessFinds] Sick again??

I am so fraking sick. I got my flu shot - why am I worshiping at the porcelain goddess? So I am in bed. With laptop. Sigh. MIL has Gonzo until 12:30 this afternoon and then I am going to have to kick on again. I really hope this passes quickly.

I am so excited to vote tomorrow. I think we are going to make history either way, but I am hoping people come out in droves to support Obama. The electoral college looks strongly in the Democratic camp. I am going to be glued to the Internet / TV tomorrow. Cuz' I am pathetic like that.

Someone did steal our Obama / Biden sign on Halloween. Makes me giggle - I was waiting for it to happen! That is why I bought a back-up. And yes, it was out within minutes of us noticing the other one missing.

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