Tuesday, November 4, 2008

[JessFinds] Hope

I am freaking out. I get to vote. I get to stay up until 1am staring at my TV and the Internet!

GO OBAMA!!!!!!

I went on eBay and purchased one of the sold-out Hope posters by artist Shepard Fairey. I decided that even though I could not afford to have it properly framed, maybe if I keep it neatly in the tube, it will be worth a small fortune and put my children through college in the future? Here's hoping it is the best $19 I ever spent.

Obama represents a world I choose to live in and a world I want to live in. In my reality people are generally not miopic, narrow-minded, self-centered and greedy. I want to believe that we can be a better country. I want to believe that things have gotten SO BAD that we have no choice but to wake up and do the right thing. In my reality "we the people" still has some meaning and Dirty Washington can be infiltrated by a clean, healthy, idealistic administration.


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