Sunday, November 2, 2008

[JessFinds] Glossy Black Boots

Happy All-Saints! Do people say Happy All-Saints?

I need to post some Halloween photos - the girls were adorable as a Horse (Gonzo) and Tiger (Crab). Crab hauled in some serious loot. We are up to our ears in chocolate! Big crowd of kids and parents. Lots of fun. Jedi-boy joined the fray which made Crab's evening more fun since her buddy was there.

Gonzo hurled grossness all over herself and her carseat on the way to pick up Crab from school. Then again on the way home. Then again on the kitchen floor. So, like any good parent, I put her in her costume and plopped her in the wagon with a blanket and some beer (ok, the beer was for mommy and daddy) for the walk around a nearby neighborhood. She was so sweet. No trick-or-treating for her though.

I am having a big black boot day. I woke up this morning and decided it was one of those fall days that a pair of knee-high glossy black chunky heeled boots would solve. Good thing I have my trusty go-to boots for such an occasion. Some days are red lipstick days. Some days are big boot days. It is a throwback to the wacky gal I once was (did I really wear catsuits in public?). See, these days I would probably hesitate to pair the red lipstick with the black boots. Nothing more sad than a woman over 30 trying to dress like she is 18. Ok, maybe world hunger, global warming and George Bush's second term. But other than that, nothing is more sad.

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