Saturday, November 8, 2008

[JessFinds] The questions of life

I am listening to a CD called "Cheese" that Shawn made and sent to me 4 (or more) years ago. I have not made a CD for someone in years - I think the last one was Rachel. It is hilarious. a compilation of 80's and early 90's dance tracks. My girls have been dancing like crazy while I try to clean this big messy house. Kids really wreck style. I always envisioned a home that would blend style and function with minimal kid chaos. Instead, it looks like my living room threw up on itself. And we don't even have that many toys. I can't imagine what our place would look like if we frequented Toys R Us.

Crab just said "Mommy - do baby's come out of my belly-button?"
I said: "No."
She said: "Where do babies come out?"
So I said (calmly, nonchalantly, totally bored) "Oh, they come out your jayjay."
She said: "WHAT?"
I said:" They come out your jayjay."
She said: "So when I become a mommy, I get a baby. Um. I don't want one."
I said: "You don't have to have one."
Then she said (pointing to a picture in her kids magazine) "Is this the inside of our planet? It has lava in it."

Thank God for simple answers. And yes. We call it a jayjay. Our spin on Grey's Anatomy (2006).

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, I admit it. I watch. Guilty pleasures. It was awful last season. I thought it jumped the shark. The Mer/Der relationship is just (yawn) like watching grass grow. Their drama is boooring. Then Thursday night, I was half-watching while in bed when DENNY made a ghostly appearance. I ran down the stairs like a half-wit yelling "Did you guys see Denny????" My MIL and Preacher were watching TV downstairs.

I have a bit of a hysterical obsession with Jeffry Dean Morgan's character Denny. He turns me in to the half-wit. My eyes well up and I get all mushy and girly.

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Joie said...

At least she know there is a vagina. I didn't know until I was maybe 11 or 12 and what a shock!