Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[JessFinds] Marie Posts

I just want everyone to know that Marie is going to have a baby any minute now. Ok, well technically the baby is due on Thanksgiving but this is the part where it could happen at any time.

I am positive it is a girl. Just want that in print so I can either bask in my brilliance or be shamed publicly. Marie is one of those cool moms who can wait and find out. Not me. I shake my Christmas presents. But I admire that.

I also wanted to use this as a shout out. Marie is awesome. I would trust her 100% raising my own children. God forbid that ever happens! She and Lawyer and Super Squirrel make up a great family and I am so incredibly excited for them to welcome their second rug-rat and join us in the chaos that is the great "family of 4."

Auntie Jess wants another P name. I don't ask for much. I just think it is hilarious that Ray Ray, Marie, Joie and I all ended up with P's. Don't break the chain sister. Don't you want a Peregrin or a Penelope? How about Paloma? Petra? Peter?

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Marie said...

We did seriously debate Prudence for a while... Really.