Tuesday, November 11, 2008

(MarieFinds) Posting cause she hasn't in a while

I have been meaning to get around all week to posting. But I find I have little to say this week. I am due the 29th, but I really don't think it will be that long. I find myself trying to get as much done as possible... transition at work, oops need to wash another load of diapers before I go into the hospital, getting Squirrel to the doctor (another double ear infection, and sinuses, too!), getting the room ready for two small people to share instead of just one, etc. All those details that really make me wish for a personal assistant. Where's my Turtle, damnit?!?!

My Father in law has been in town for the last week and half. He is leaving on Sunday. Squirrel will miss him horribly. She has come to adore her Ta Ta. (Or Tsa Tsa as she says it.) I can just see it though... we will drop him off at the international terminal on Sunday morning, and I will be in the hospital Sunday afternoon having this kid. There is no convincing him to stay, however. Our cold, damp winters are no incentive for the man who is headed home to the Pacific. Tried to tell him that the bright side is that winter doesn't get much worse than this here... 50 and raining until April. Didn't see to help, however.

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