Friday, October 10, 2008

(MarieFinds) Mama went Shopping!!

Remember the lust lists from a week or so ago? I went and did some buying for my kids. The Hanna outlet was having a RIDICULOUS sale. This is my excuse.

So, I got:
1. This great coat, in last season's colors, for less than a quarter of list
2. A fun nightgown, again in last season's colors, for $10.
3. Sweet baby bunting for the new one. For $15!
4. Very dorky halloween themed pajams (which squirrel will wear all winter) for $10
5. A red version of the the cutest baby sweater outfit ever - for $7.20!
6. Velvet holiday dress - but last year's which I like better. Instead of the flowers, it has these gorgeous red swirls on it in red ribbon.
7. Your basic bright purple zip up hoodie
8. two pair of mittens for Squirrel
9. one pair of mittens for the wee one
10. and a new pair of slippers for squirrel.

All for $100! I scored! Hear me search for validation after whining for weeks that we don't have any money to spend...


JESS said...

Jealous!!! How fun. Wish I was there with you... HOW did you get that sweater set for that little? What a deal.

Marie said...

I do have to say... the place was a freaking madhouse. Like the day after thanksgiving, but with kids. I speak as one who does black friday every year. And every year I am puzzled by those who bring kids under the age of 10. full contact shopping with kids young enough to not respond to their own name? are you nuts?

Yes, the HA outlet was seizure enducing. But worth it. The sale prices were competitive with Target. If I knew the sex of this baby, i would have spent more...