Tuesday, October 7, 2008

(MarieFinds) Lice and Job

My child has the patience of Job. I don't know where she gets it. Just like I don't know where she got lice. Gah. That's right. Lice. Somehow, I made it through daycare and 16 years of school without ever getting lice. Last night was a nightmare at our house. The Lawyer spent HOURS delousing the Squirrel. Time I spent stripping bedding, bagging up stuffed animals and other non-washables, doing laundary and vaccuuming floors and matresses. I swear, I worked up a sweat cleaning her room and ours.

Gah. She isn't even two yet. And he spent HOURS on her hair. And another 45 minutes this morning checking it again.

And the best part is knowing we get to do it all over again tonight. I will probably re-do her bedding tonight to be on the safe side. gah.

This part of parenthood SUCKS.

I can't get over the ooky feeling. Only dirty kids get lice. I know that isn't actually true, and I know my kid gets bathed several times a week (not daily) and that my house is actually clean, but man. Gives me the creepy crawlies.

The Lawyer and were both bug and nit free (which I found stunning... I took a two hour nap with the Squirrel on Sunday... in her toddler bed.)

Nix and tea tree oil shampoo are our friends now. That, and a fine toothed lice comb.


JESS said...

Oh man! That sucks. We have had multiple outbreaks of "hoof and mouth" disease at Crab's preschool. I am always stunned by that. Remember when my brother got Scarlet Fever at preschool? How medieval. Lice is one of those timeless "eew, gross" things. Keep an eye on yourselves and be thankful her hair is dark...

Marie said...

she was SUCH a trooper last night. Ever try to keep a two year old stationary for 2+ hours while you comb her hair? ugh.