Monday, October 6, 2008

[JessFinds] Sorry Occifer, I did not see you seeing me.

Preacher got pulled over the other night in a tiny little village with an overactive police department. He was speeding, his tabs were expired, his address was not correct and he could not find various paperwork in the glovebox. And the officer let him go. Because Preacher is a Preacher.

Guess what Preacher is doing today? Not taking a second chance, he is getting his license redone wearing a collar (and getting the paperwork / tabs in order). Can you blame him?


Joie said...

Sounds like Preacher. I also have my license photo with a collar so if I ever needed to get into a hospital room without my collar on, I can prove I'm a priest. However, I can't find said license. Need to get a new one.

Marie said...

So, was Preacher wearing his collar, or did he casually mention he was a preacher? AND... did the officer know or care that he wasn't a CATHOLIC priest?

JESS said...

The officer asked what he was doing, he said he was working with a youth group event and that he is the Rector of the church in our town.

You know, Preacher IS a catholic priest. He is not Roman Catholic.