Tuesday, October 7, 2008

[JessFinds] A way to shop and save the world

I have a friend who is employed by the Body Shop at Home program. I offered to get the word out about this new program to help end domestic violence.

So I am soliciting you. Cuz I am shameless like that. $15 buys a set (one for you and one for a friend) of a lip moisturizer. Men or women can use it. It might be a good "conscientious" stocking stuffer for this Christmas? It is made with community trade shea butter from Ghana and vitamins A, C & E.

This LINK will take you to Kristen's site where you can directly purchase the product. All net proceeds go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

If you want to let Kristen know that I sent you, you can put "Jess" in the Host info. I am not actually hosting anything, but it might be cool to see how many people order through my blog.

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