Tuesday, October 7, 2008

(MarieFinds) Cutting Back Sucks

I cancelled my newspaper subscription. This will be the first time in my entire life I have not had a subscription to the newspaper. I had one all through college. My parents always had one. I've read the daily paper all my life.

This makes me sad. I like newspapers. I want to keep subscribing. But it is a no brainer place to cut costs. Next to go will be the land line. Between the two we will save about $80/ month. Daycare for two isn't cheap, and frankly, we never use our landline any more. And most days, all that gets read is the comics.

Bye, bye newsprint. My kids will barely know you. Sniff.

A closer look at cost cutting will take place our house, but these are two easy, and almost pain free, steps. Grr.

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