Tuesday, October 7, 2008

[JessFinds] Response to Marie's Post

Cutting back is tough!

We have not taken the paper in at least six years and there are times I actually feel bad about that because I am such a huge fan of print media. But I get almost all of my news online and occasionally on the TV.

We no longer have a land line. It is a dinosaur. We have used our mobile phones exclusively for many years. We had a land line briefly when we moved to our new home and quickly canceled it. I could never remember to check the messages.

We rarely - if ever - go to movies. We use Netflix (2 at a time) plan and watch our second run movies happily from our couch, usually exhausted. Tonight it is IRON MAN!!

Here are my weaknesses:

I love magazines. I think I inherited this from my dad. Having children has made me a great target audience for all shopping, parenting and home decor magazines. Why? I have a 45 second attention span. Lucky? Check. Domino? Check. Elle Decor? Check. Real Simple? Parents, Parenting, Wondertime, Cookie? Check! I only have an actual subscription to one of those mags. I need to man up and buy the damn subscriptions. The thrill I get from seeing a new one on a newsstand will need to be weaned.

Dining out. We have been getting better about this. We have a standing Sunday lunch date after church at a local joint. On the occasional Friday, Preacher and I will go to breakfast with Gonzo after dropping Crab off at school.

Target. Man, there is something about Target that says "Drop $200 on a bunch of crap you don't need!"

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