Thursday, October 9, 2008

[JessFinds] Stained Cotton -- my new band

Have you worn it in the last year? No? Buh-bye.

I am still working on the great closet purge of 2008. I think it is officially the Closet Retch of 2008. It is not that I own a ton of clothes, it is just that I have no time. So each step is a baby step.

The famous conundrum: I am overweight and don't want to buy a lot of new clothes until I am at a healthier weight. That said, I am not thrilled with the idea of walking around in a bunch of ill fitting clothes. Old Navy, here I come. Freakin' disposable clothes.

When I got married 10 years ago, my husband asked me one thing (and it is a little sexist and 1950's and old fashioned, but hear it out). He asked me to not turn in to his "buddy." He asked me not to cut off all my hair and wear baseball caps and dress like I didn't care.

My hair is about as short as it is gonna get. Crab has asked me repeatedly to get my hair back (she liked it when it was midway down my hers). I don't own a baseball cap. I have gone through periods of dressing like I did not care: postpartum depression (aka The Black Period of 2004) was not good. I think I forgot to shower for six days at a time. Hygene sort of goes hand in hand with looking like I care.

I wish I was one of those women who could look classically put together all the time. I love Katherine Hepburn and her iconic menswear style. When I try to pull it off, I look like Ellen. Not that I don't love Ellen (she is her own special brand of hot) but I am pretty sure it is NOT the same effect.

I also have small children which means I rock the stained cotton look, all the time.

I do have a love affair with cosmetics - I believe that women have the right to re-sculpt a new face each morning if they so choose! RayRay and I share the high that comes from new potions and lotions. A new red lipstick is better than any therapy. I am envious of women who can wake up beautiful. I would love to be "natural." But I am not. I am smoke and mirrors. Poof! Be amazed.

So I find myself with ill-fitting stained clothes that are attempting to be Hepburnish but look rather Ellenish instead. At least I have good lipstick? How far the queen has fallen...


Joie said...

I always think you look great and never see the need for much makeup. Your skin is GORGEOUS!

Marie said...

Awww... closet purging. I have been purging our room for 5 consecutive weekends now. I am not done. I have not started the closet. I have gotten through the dressers. I have gotten through two of the three laundary basekts that are permanantly full of "folded" laundary waiting to be put away. (The third one is full of socks. That is own special layer of sock matching hell.) This weekend, I hope to get through half the closet. I am making two piles. Bye-bye and maybe. Maybe are mostly the Lawyer's items which I want approval before I give away. There is also a bin of things to be packed away for another day or year. Mostly Lawyer's biking gear from when he was a bike commuter. He may one day do that again, but not this month. That and some of his old army gear he isn't ready to part with but just doesn't get worn.

I am appalled that this project has taken me almost a month and a half. And I haven't gotten to the hard stuff... do I keep the kick ass suite in size 8? I haven't been a size 8 in a loooooong time.

JESS said...

Joie, you are right. My skin is gorgeous (cough) or maybe the right combination of products helps achieve that effect? I'll never tell! Hee.