Tuesday, October 7, 2008

(MarieFinds) More cuts

Yup... because this is more fun than posting in comments... other things we have done / plan to cut back:

Movies: This isn't so much a factor of trying to cut back, as it is realities of baby-hood, but we have been to one movie in the last two years. And frankly, we used a gift certificate. Netflix is my friend. I may need to cut us back from 3 movies to 2.

Childcare: We have yet to pay for babysitting. I will not say exactly how much I pay for childcare. But I refuse to pay over and above that for babysitting. We use Grandma and Auntie Lola. I am / need to be investigating new childcare options. See if I can save a few hundred bucks a month on a different daycare. But Squirrel loves her daycare... sigh.

Groceries: We cancelled our $35 / week organic produce delivery over the summer. We had been using these guys for... 4 years? I miss it. But, the farmer's market is much cheaper. When I manage to get there. I have set an $80 / week grocery budget. I have started doing most of my food shopping at WinCo. My only real complaint about shopping here: the produce. I pretty much won't buy it. Not that it looks bad, but I do feel really strongly about at least trying to buy local, and that just isn't an option. Neither is organic. Both of which I can achieve at my local farmer's market (for cheaper) or New Seasons. (Not cheaper). They don't tend to carry the eco-friendly brands of detergent / paper products, either. I may eventually have to give up my 100% post-consumer recycled TP, but for now... I will still bite the bullet and put my money where my mouth isn't. Ican get local organic dairy here, however, at far less cost. This is also important to me.

Dining Out: by far our biggest expense, luxury and place to cut costs. We dine out for two reasons: 1. we work until 6 pm many nights. By then we are tired and don't want to cook. Eating out is easy. 2. we like eating out. Pre-squirrel, we were eat out 4 nights a week and happy hour kind of people. When we feel rich, we are still eat out 4 nights a week kind of people. We have been very good the last 3 weeks or so. Down to once a week. And it completely sucks when you waste that once a week on a lousy dinner.

Wine: the Lawyer and are wine drinkers. We are somewhat serious wine drinkers. We have spent more than a small fortune on wine over the last many years. This is not a cheap hobby. Our collection is getting smaller. We are buying less and drinking more from the "cellar" such as it is.

Bargain Shopping: I'll be honest. I hate it. I don't do it well. I get no satisfaction from the clearance rack. It's not that I don't like a good deal, it's that I don't have the patience. I spend very little time shopping for clothes. I will hit Target, Kohl's, Penney's, etc. looking for a deal. Just don't expect to find me at TJ Maxx or the Rack. Yet.

Coupons: I should. I know I should. I don't make the time.

Keeping my day job: which means I should be working instead of nattering on here...

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