Wednesday, September 3, 2008

(MarieFinds) Still more on Palin

... 'cause apparently she strikes a nerve... so, I have gone round to thinking she is stone freaking crazy. She apparently went into labor a month early, while in Dallas for a speech. She gave her speech, and then flew home. All after her water broke, pre-term, with a baby she new would need special medical care. I can actually back the giving the speech. I definitely could have given a speech while I was in the early stages of labor. But you don't get on a plane and fly from Dallas to Anchorage after your water breaks. Gah.

OK, that being said, I do think the coverage of her is ridiculously sexist. Stop calling her a freaking "former beauty queen". She is a damned governor. May not be qualified, but stop belittling what experience she does bring to the table. I swear this is why there are very few really attractive women in politics.

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