Tuesday, September 2, 2008

[JessFinds] More Palin - Hey it is a good topic

I finally talked to someone who is pro-Palin today. Seriously, I was waiting for someone to actually say that they thought she was a great pick and would make an excellent VP. So apparently that one person exists. It seems like everyone is thrown for a loop, including many of her own GOP.

I certainly hope that her daughter does not become a poster child for right or wrong but it seems like both sides are willing to sacrifice her to their particular cause. Too bad. It must be hard to be 17, pregnant, the object of speculation that her baby brother is actually her son and have it all play out in a national format. Poor kid. I feel for her and hope she has great resources. Technically, it was her mom's call (or fault depending on your view) to play this out across the political spectrum and see it on the news networks. Not a call I could have made as a mother. My first job is to protect my kids, no matter how poor their decisions. But politicians are not like "the rest of us."

It does not matter much that I think Palin is a poor pick, a nutbag and likely dangerous in the potential role as VP. I was not voting for McCain to begin with. So it is easy for me to throw peanuts from the sideline. I guess I just hope that all of the undecideds were very swayed. Palin and Biden are both so incredibly different. If you were a toss up between McCain and Obama (and really, they are both pretty decent candidates and both offer the added benefit of not being George W. Bush) their VP picks should solidify any wishy-washiness. We will see what sort of spike comes after the RNC. I know they are saying that the DNC did not secure a huge poll push so it might actually be neck n' neck again.

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Marie said...

Most polls I have seen (tossing out the Zogby internet poll) show Obama leading in national polls byaround 7%.