Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(MarieFinds) Favorite Squirrel Foods

So, my skinny minnie is generally a good to excellent eater. The kid can put food away. You'd never know it to look at her. Right now, she has the exact body I had at her age. If this continues, she will look malnourished until well into adolescence, and grow boobs literally overnight at 16 and come into her full weight (or what is euphemistically known as "full figure") around 24. Heh. My Slavic roots show clearly in my face and figure.

So, what does she like to eat?
1. Rice. Will eat it in any format: steamed, wild, fried (with kimchee!), gumbo, jambalaya, rice soup, sushi... will eat it by the pound.
2. Miso soup. Will eat / drink it by the gallon. My Japanese Lawyer husband is teaching her to drink from the bowl, which is comical sometimes.
3. Ramen. See above. Has miso base. LOVES it.
4. Sausage. Again in all forms. Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, brats, soy sausage, whatever. She grinds that stuff down.
5. French fries. Holy crap. She is her father's daughter.
6. Ketchup. Holy crap. She is Auntie Lola's daughter!
7. Onions. Will eat them straight.
8. Blueberries. I have seen her eat a whole pint in a single sitting. Oops. Stellar parenting there. Did I mention I wash her diapers at home? hmmm....
9. Melon. Who's kid IS this?
10. Roasted peppers.
11. Veggies in general. Peas, corn, carrots, green beans. Again, who's kid is this?
12. Crackers or "pa-poppy" as she says for some reason.

Foods she doesn't really like:
1. hamburger
2. "bland" foods in general.


JESS said...

Crab loves Miso too. She is a skinny little stinker at 35lbs. Gonzo seems to be eating most anything put in front of her - as long as it does not appear more fun as a toy. For example: noodles. More fun to play with, less interesting to eat.

Joie said...

Patrick loves miso as well and soup in general. Messy but thank God there's something he really likes. Berries - oh yeah, will take down a pint of berries! Usually only eats one meal or less per day, though and is a skinny boy (24 lbs at 2 years). Now, I do worry about the fact that he doesn't eat much but hope he retains his slender build.