Tuesday, September 9, 2008

[JessFinds] Feral children

Miss Crab had her 4-year old check up today and it included booster shots. It was like taking a wildcat to a vet. Maybe I should rephrase that. It was like taking Marie's cat to the vet (it is far funnier when she tells it, but Pud's vet needs a tranquilizer gun and chain mail).

My girl is so petrified of doctors. A completely normal fear considering her experiences over the last two years with night terrors. Our RN recommended that I get a doctor set and play doctor with her until she becomes more comfortable with what to expect. Right. My kid is so much smarter than that. What is fun with dolls, stuffed animals and mom does NOT translate in to reality. In reality, shots hurt and it sucks to have pinpoint flashlights in your eyes and a tongue depressor gagging you.

Speaking of the night terrors, I put a stop to all the testing and doctors visits. When we were Out West for a few weeks this summer, she suddenly stopped having them. The only difference is that we were all in the same room for our trip. Maybe she is a social sleeper or maybe she is just outgrowing them but we have gone from 2-3 times per night since she was 6 months old to maybe once per week.

Maybe I will get my girls to share a room after all?


Marie said...

Whereas, so far, the squirrel is like my dog. Loves going to the doctor, even when she's sick. "Someone's going to pet me! someone's going to pet me!"

That's funnier if you are thinking "kibbles and bits, kibbles and bits, gonna get MORE kibbles and bits!"

Joie said...

Patrick is the same way about doctors and was a champ last year in the hospital.

As to the RN's suggestion. Right!! What kid would go for that??