Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(MarieFinds) Potty Training is Lame and other discoveries...

Hola -

So, the Squirrel is all about the potty these days. This is good. I would like to have her trained before baby #2 comes along. I am a little freaked about trying to keep up with laundry with two kids in cloth diapers. She had her first success yesterday morning... and just kept saying, "uh-oh!" the whole time she peed. Heh.

No repeat on that success, though she did apparently pee in the corner of the bathroom while Daddy Lawyer was helping last night. No big whoop, except that means she PEED INTO THE HEATING VENT in the bathroom. Nothing to be done for it now, except that is going to be freaking disgusting when we finally have to turn on the heat. Maybe the house will sell before then? Riigghhtt....

On that note, I spent Saturday working in the (microscopic) back yard. Trying to get it sort of close to being ready to show. Sure. 6 months pregnant with a toddler in tow. Got tons done.

And speaking of toddlers in tow... words to strike fear into any sane adult's heart... "Ikea. Alone with a toddler. Warehouse." Ha! Comedy of errors. But, for $154 we got a bed, mattress, two sheets, two fish throw rugs, a toybox, a box of IKEA shaped cookies and some lingonberry preservers. But it's taken me two days to recover.

So last night, the Lawyer and did a Sarah Connor Chronicles marathon. Got all caught up from last season, and the season premier last night. A fun-not-great-show that is best indulged in that way, I think. Looking forward to catching "Fringe" tonight. I'll watch anything by JJ Abrams. For two seasons anyway. (I'm looking at you Alias...). If nothing else, the man can write and direct kick ass pilots.

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