Monday, September 29, 2008

(MarieFinds) Cute Pictrues

Monkey See, Monkey Do. I don't think I ever got around to posting this one... from when Jess and Preacher brought the girls out a few weeks ago. Miss Crab was so sweet with the Squirrel... here we are all out at a pub, and the two of them were wandering around, holding hands. Very sweet to see them running around together. Squirrel adored her.

Reading before bed. If you look closely, you can see the dings all over her face from her tumbles.
playing in the park yesterday with Daddy. Look at my little poseur.. with barettes. She loves barrettes in her hair.
And.... "helping mommy" cook dinner tonight. Or something like that.


JESS said...

That pub was the best (aside from the woman changing her kids diaper on the bench). I loved all the dogs, kids, beer and noshes. Quintessential NW. As for Helping Mommy -- hee.

Marie said...

i totally forgot about that ... the woman changing her diaper right next to us.. heh. Seriously folks, we were at picnic tables outside, and she just drops the kid up and changes the diaper. Who does that? Even at a park, I would probably change the kid on the ground, at least. Have I ever shared the story of the woman who changed her kid ON MY COFFEE TABLE? At a DINNER PARTY? My response was to tell the people next to her that we had two changing tables set up in the back. Her comment, "Oh, I'm just used to going places that don't have facilities set up." Gah.