Sunday, September 28, 2008

[JessFinds] Shiny Shiny Boots

We have been getting some serious rain. And it made me think about getting some serious rain boots. But I have a love-hate relationship with rain boots. I love all the cute patterns and adorable boots that are available and I hate that they don't fit over my calves.

But I fell in love the other day. Big time. Cherry red boots with handles (handles!) and a lower calf shaft. I found them at The boots arrive on Monday. Endless offers free overnight shipping. I will be waiting at the door. And I will test them out in the biggest puddle I can find.

And for all the gals who have said "if they only made it in my size" about their kids boots ... check out these hilarious boots for grown adults! Yeah, that's a cow. In your size.


Anonymous said...

i think of you every time i wear my shiny boots. i bought them in RI when i visited the first time. shiny happy boots for a rainy day.

Anne Marie said...

oh wow! i need rain boots like those. it has been raining here for about a million days in a row. and, ugh, i feel you on the "will it fit my calf?" boot struggle. grrrr to all those skinny-legged boot makers!