Friday, September 12, 2008

[JessFinds] A wish list - because I am not above wanting

Squishy boots. I am starting to lust after something I swore I would NEVER (ever) buy. The Ugg (Minnetonka, Bearpaw, etc...) sheepskin boot. Yeah. The same stupid boots that celebrity starlets wear around LA in 85 degree weather. But I think that fad has passed its prime. I live in the NE and it gets coooold here. And I want squishy boots. Ankle boots. Like overgrown slippers. A size 10 in chestnut or black, in the short or mini will do me fine. Thank you Boot Fairy! There is a Boot fairy, right? I am ashamed to admit that crocs are comfortable too, but that is another discussion entirely.Baby Girl Clothes. I want this Tea Collection for Gonzo. It is called the "Gabby" set. And I think Miss Crab would look edible in this Aurland Bubble Dress also by Tea Collection.
And I am not even close to done. I think these would be perfect dress boots for Crab. Found these at Wooden Soldier.

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