Saturday, September 13, 2008

[JessFinds] Yard Signs

Hope all of our friends in Texas are ok. The news always makes things look dire (and I am not even watching Fox News). Looks like Ike wolluped y'all.

I am missing Crab's first soccer game today (boo) but Gonzo needed a nap and someone had to stay with her in the house... responsible parenting 101.

I just bought my Obama / Biden yard signs. If you happen to purchase the signs as well, please do it through the main Obama site and not through Zazzle or CafePress. All the proceeds (-shipping) go to support the campaign when you buy directly. Plus the overall cost is less. On the downside, you will probably need to wait 2 weeks for the products to arrive and the selection is pretty basic.

I am looking for another Obama car magnet - I lost mine in a car wash! Whoops.

I am staying away from any inflammatory propaganda. No stooping, right? Chins up, integrity in check. Focus on the issues.

Who wants to place bets that the signs are stolen within a week?

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