Friday, August 8, 2008

[JessFinds] Official Annoucements & Cats Out of Bags

So apparently I am now allowed to announce my departure from the Diocese. Yeah, I know you already knew. Give me my moment.

I am going to continue working for the powers that be through the Fall. I will get through Convention, which should be end of October if my brain is working correctly. So I will have one more issue of the magazine. I am going to miss the magazine. I take great joy in editorial work.

As many y'all know, I have been super sick for the last year or so. It has taken a toll on my overall health, my kids, my spouse -- everything. My two babes need an involved, healthy mom. My husband needs a functioning significant other.

The medicines are starting to do their job. I have been feeling much better in just the last month. That could also be the fact that I am a one-month vegetarian (or as Mandy calls me: a Vegaquarian).

So I am wrapping up my diocesan duties (doodies) and will be taking on freelance consulting projects on a case by case basis. I actually start my first consulting position today. I know. The idea of reducing my workload has somehow -once again - turned in to me increasing my workload. Temporary, temporary. I am great with added stress as long as I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is the absence of that light that makes me pop Xanex.

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