Friday, August 8, 2008

[JessFinds] Back to the East

We did it! A full two weeks out WEST and now we are back EAST again (with heavy hearts). I get these moments of fight or flight - mostly flight - when I think "Hey, what if we put our house on the market and it actually sold? What if we just moved out WEST with no job prospects? What if we just declared bankruptcy and lived in a yurt on my mom's acreage?"

Another one of my favorite fantasies is: "What if Preacher went back to work for a big bad Defense Contractor and we just rolled around in all the dirty money?" Yes, we are destroying the world as we know it but OH MY GOD is this new Marc Jacobs purse adorable or what?

Preacher told me about a tour bus company in Boise that is looking to sell and they have a base income of $150k a year based on 3 months of summer work. Nine months out of the year to travel or take on other interests? I can run a tour bus company. Easy. Can't Preacher become a supply priest in Idaho? Idaho is pretty. And they have all those potatoes. I like potatoes.

See - I am losing my mind. I get a sort of red rock fever when I head out WEST.

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