Thursday, July 31, 2008

(MarieFinds) busy busy busy

Ah... for the life of leisure. Maybe I should play the lottery more often. In good news, Jess and family are in town and we will see them tonight. Can't wait to see the girls! It has been over a year since we have seen The Preacher or Miss Crab.

It's been busy. The Lawyer's brother-in-law was in town last weekend. There was the annual beef festival in our area (a HUGE) function, and wine tasting to to be done, as well as sushi to be eaten. Not to mention the house cleaning that goes into a house guest...

Ah... so, Squirrel got sent home again on Tuesday for biting her quota of kids for the day. She hasn't been sleeping well. Biting is always preceded by bad nights of sleep. Hopefully today goes smoothly...

She also has a couple of new dings. I am actually starting to get concerned about the number of headers she is taking, and will talk to her doctor about it next week at her 18 month check up.

Meanwhile, I am getting bigger. Squirrel still doesn't get the concept of new baby, but she does get the concept of mommy getting bigger. My belly is now a new toy / pillow. Also, she found my tattoo recently. Heh.

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Joie said...

Patrick bites, too. He has never filled any quota for the day and typically does it when another kid gets in his space too much or takes his food or toy with which he is playing. He has also done it while getting too excited playing with his daddy. It's can be do frustrating. He's getting a lot better but every few weeks he regresses a little. Good luck with Squirrel.