Thursday, July 31, 2008

[JessFinds] Gold in them thar hills

We have been OUT WEST since last Tuesday and I am already sad about the fact that we leave next Tuesday. I really miss it out here.

We spent a full week in the high desert in an empty home (currently for sale) on air mattresses with no TV or internet access. We did have a coffee maker and a microwave. It was awesome. At one point - remember we are here by the skin of our teeth - we had $60 total to live on for an entire week. We did it! We just ran around every day doing whatever we wanted to do. Spent a little time on the river, a little time hiking, picnicking, exploring the volcano, etc... We spent a few days with my brother and Mandy out there too. Miss Crab and Baby Gonzo are completely enamored with those two. That alone was worth the trip out. Mandy is "Super Auntie" when it comes to the girls.

We did some gold panning on the way back to town - seriously in the middle of nowhere on BLM land. Then drove back on a single lane logging road through the mountains. Worse than the Road to Hana. We hand to honk around every switchback and tight corner. It was so much fun!

Now we are in town, we switched hotels and are saving a full 1/2 of our budget by doing so. Thanks to mom for the research! She rocks. Caught up with Rachel and Perry yesterday - Perry is an absolutely adorable tiny little stinker who is madly in love with her mom. I am so incredibly proud of Rachel - she has joined the ranks of SuperMomma with ease.

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