Monday, July 14, 2008

[JessFinds] What plans? We are winging it...

It is fun to blog about this because, well, I am educating myself and it is a nice way to share without calling everyone I know and annoying the crap out of them. Plus, if you hate the idea - you can skip to the next post with the pretty pictures! How much fun is the blogosphere??!

We are on day 5 of vegetarian eating and had some fun with it today. Went to a bookstore and bought up some cookbooks. We found a green grocer near our home (wonderful, fabulous, friendly, informative - love them) and brought one of our cookbooks with us. We are doing some sort of baked lentil "loaf" for dinner tonight, will post on how it all turns out. We also bought some Indian curry (masala) and some other stuff to experiment with. I am weak and craving bacon. Kidding. Preacher has left the Episcopal Church and has joined the Hare Krishnas though. We are coping. 

I am doing fine. I have to be careful with making sure I get enough iron in my diet (green leafy veggies and legumes!) because my thyroid disease is causing all sorts of odd problems. But other than that, it is easy to get enough calcium and other vitamins and minerals. American's eat something like 25% more protein than recommended and protein deficiency is so rare in this country that a doctor would not recognize it if it hit them in the face. Plant protein is processed as any other protein (minus the cholesterol). 

The Preacher is officially on vacation as of today. Yea! That means that playtime can start this week!

We are also planning out our trip OUT WEST. It will be nice to see everyone. I wish there was a way we could loop down to see my dad in Cali and my family in Reno, but our limited budget and deep desire to actually try to relax a bit (we only get so much time off from our hectic lives each year) prevents a whirlwind vacation.  The windfall that allowed us to fly OUT WEST does not include room and board, so we are getting creative with our sleeping solutions. And thank you for the offers, dear friends, but NO you are not putting up a family of four. Especially not a family with a 4 year old who has sleep terrors. We want you to like us and spend time with us. Not wish us ill and wipe your brow when we leave!

My MIL is currently OUT WEST visiting her mother - she will remain here and tend for the animals of the Parsonage while we are doing our tour. 


Preacher said...

I am not a Hare Krishna!

Joie said...

Just turning Bahi, right?

So, um, can you pass that fabulous brined turkey recipe on to me since you may not need it come this Thanksgiving?

No Hatchet Ham either (thank God, actually because I am sick of making it and Jesse always wants that thing). So, see, there are some reasons I am thankful you are turning veggie.