Tuesday, July 15, 2008

(MarieFinds) On animals as food...

Hee... so last night was Squirrel's first realization of animals as food. It was very funny. We had trout for dinner, so she saw it as the Lawyer was preparing it, and again at the table. (The Lawyer and I typically cook our fish, espeically trout, whole and serve to the table head on.) So, in the kitchen she keeps yelling "fish! fish!" while making her very cute botched sign for fish.

At the table, again, chanting of fish. And then she watched daddy cut it up...

And then, "more, more, more".


mmmm.... trout and bastardized pasta carbonnara. Our carbonnara uses salt pork. heh. 'Cause we're cheap midwesterners at heart.


JESS said...

I found this info for those that are not familiar with using Salt Pork: "Salt pork is often confused with fatback, which is unsalted. It varies in degree of saltiness and often must be blanched to extract excess salt before being used. It's similar to bacon but much fattier and unsmoked. It's used primarily as a flavoring and is an important ingredient in many dishes throughout New England and the South."

It is pretty common in Boston Baked Bean and New England Boils. Regularly stocked on shelves out here.

I have not used fatback or salt pork since college! I imagine it would be pretty awesome in a carbonara. One of the things I love about Marie and Lawyer is that they regularly know how to use the things that so many people of our generation are like "whuhh?" when they see it at the grocery store. Need a recipe for Oxtail Soup? She is the go-to gal.

Marie said...

mmmm.... oxtail soup.... the lawyer made a fab version last week that included wild rice. SOOOO yummy. heh... we have been talking about having a party for you while you are here, but now I don't know what to feed you. :)