Sunday, July 20, 2008

[JessFinds] Twilight Series

I just read all the books in the Twilight series (the newest book, Breaking Dawn, will be released on August 2nd). The movie "Twilight" is scheduled for theaters this December.

Ok, guilty pleasure. It is a YA (young adult) series which means the whole series has made teen girls go nuts. It is actually a great read. I could not put any of the books down. I blew through the series in 72 hours.

It appeals to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Veronica Mars crowds. It is smart, sexy and written by a Mormon. I KNOW. Crazy.

The title character - Bella Swan - is not very identifiable for me. She is likable enough. I tend to agree with critics that her damsel in distress role is a bit much at times. Edward Cullen fills the role of brooding, moody mystery boy (and oh how I loved my brooding boys when I was in high school and college). There is a love triangle - but I won't go in to that and mess up the plot.

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