Thursday, July 17, 2008

[JessFinds] I guess I should get ready for the day...

One week down as a vegetarian and ... I feel fine. No strange meat cravings. No odd gastrointestinal excitement to report (please, I would spare you). Just fine. It really is funny how much people care about what we eat. I had no idea! You would think we are telling people that we have chosen to eat nothing but broken glass and laundry detergent going forward. And we judge everyone who has chosen NOT to eat broken glass with laundry detergent, of course. 

I do encourage everyone to eat sustainably and with some conscientiousness. We would be a better world for it. Just knowing where your food comes from will make a big difference - and there are govt. regulations starting this October that will require all fruits and veggies to be labeled to their origin. So that is a start!

Mr. Preacher and I are thinking about taking Miss Crab and Gonzo down to a local cafe / art gallery where they are teaching little kids to "be creative" and "express themselves" through art. My mom would probably be horrified at the idea of children with paint in an art gallery (even if it is an art gallery / coffee shop). Go wild little ladies! Just take that paint and EXPRESS!

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Joie said...

Congratulations! I am with you on eating thoughtfully. The obstacle is my economist husband who doesn't believe any of the information out there because it comes from environmentalist websites, etc. Now, he does believe that global warming is real. So, I guess we jsut need Al Gore to do a documentary on the food industry. You guys can work on him when we come up there.