Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[JessFinds] A Good Butt Plotz

I get the random "bee in my bonnet" when I imagine something exists and I can not track it down. I am currently on the hunt for cute small-ish floor cushions. Two of them. I was thinking about getting one for Miss Crab and one for Baby Gonzo. Miss Crab has "sit upons" at her preschool and they are great for learning about personal space. We could not remember the name "sit upon" for the longest time and kept calling it a "butt-plotz." Thank god she never repeated this to her teacher.

The problem is, I keep finding ones that are either too grown up or too girly to have out in my living room. Ahh. We should all have such problems, right? I should probably just go to TJ Maxx and find something in the shape that I like and have Preacher make a slip-cover. Solution.

We are now at ten kiddos for Crab's birthday party. I think ten is the cutoff for starting a sacrifice to the good weather gods. I will need some serious crowd control inside if it rains!

Gonzo is saying "Tankoooo" all the time now when something is handed to her. Eat her up with a spoon.

We are going up to THE CITY (not New York, so maybe it should be THE OTHER CITY) tomorrow and Friday. I am really looking forward to getting out of town for a few days. On Saturday I am taking Crab to see The Backyardigans ... LIVE! with her best friend Kylie. That will be fun. For them.

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