Monday, March 10, 2008

(JessFinds) Slip me a Mickey

We are completely entrenched in all that is Disney World - and are surviving pretty well! The OCD planning that everyone mocked me for has completely paid off, I am now getting kudos for being so organized. Boohahahahaha! See, everyone likes to mock the girl with the planning obsession but they love the rewards of having everything go so smoothly!

This is the "Year of a Million Dreams" at Disney and they have (what we are calling) a prize patrol running around, popping out of places and suprising people with awesome gifts and events. They are wearing white vests. And they are very, very happy. Scary happy. Anyway, we were jumped by the happy people and won the opportunity to stay at Epcot a full hour past closing and have the park to ourselves. Well, us and about 1,000 other people. But it meant that we could walk on to any ride - we did Mission Space, Test Track and Soarin. They kicked it off with a big private DJ party and it was pretty awesome to see all of these people just dancing their butts off after having spent all day on their feet. It is the Mickey Juice. Drink the kool aide!

Miss Crab is having the time of her life. She is a professional. My little mouse who is so scared of the dark went on Pirates of the Carribean and screamed "Get that pirate!" at the wench who was beating a pirate over the head with a broom. She went on the Kali River Rapids THREE times at Animal Kingdom. Fearless. Even I only went once! MIL got drenched and had 50lb jeans on after getting doused with what can only be described as a bathtub full of water.

Baby Gonzo is a trooper - she is so mellow and sweet. Her schedule is all thrown off and she is exhausted at the the end of the day. But she is still smiles and cuddles with an occasional scream. She enjoyed Pirates of the Carribean too - anything with music has her attention and she rocks out.


Joie said...

I hate to say it but we will have to take Patrick one day. As long as mommy can find a place to have a massage I think I can cope. Jesse HATES crowds. Oh, heck, we'll just have to send him with you. That can be part of the de-programming you will do on him as his godparents.

Truly, it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun.

JESS said...

I would gladly take my godchild to Disney!

Anonymous said...

I want to be scary happy! Slip ME a Mickey!! -Rayray