Thursday, March 6, 2008

(JessFinds) A Classic Exit

We are famous for our hysterical stories in my family and our exit to Disney World was no exception. Fred went missing. Yes, Fred. The stupid cat. We spent 30-40 minutes delaying our drive to the airport because Fred was nowhere to be found. I think he did it on purpose. Right as we were about to give up, he waltzed out of (???) and just stood there, looking at us with that pandering cat look.

The flight, arrival, etc.. was non eventful. The house we have rented is great. Has some quirks (like how many clocks should be allowed in one home? These folks have a time fetish!) but otherwise it is clean and has a great pool (that I have not yet been able to dip in to).

We arrived at the Magic Kingdom with our fancy eBay purchased AAA Diamond-lot ticket in hand. What a gem! We parked right up front. Next to the handicap section. It rocked. However, just as we were pulling up ... Miss Crab heaved. Seven times. SEVEN times. We don't know if she was sick or if she was just so excited she could not keep it in, but oh boy did it come out! All over the rental car. With such force, it actually hit Preacher in the driver seat. Yes, it was spectacular. Poor thing. Preacher's first words were "I am so glad we got the damage waiver."

Of course I had a back up outfit for Baby Gonzo. No back up outfit for Miss Crab. So, we took of the destroyed pants and put on a pair of baby pants ... cute capris! Cleaned her up as much as possible and went straight to the Emporium on Main Street USA and bought her a $24 (gasp) tee shirt. Preacher dumped a bottle of water on her car seat and we hoped it would do the trick...

Parenting. What an adventure!

Tonight we went to the Hoop De Doo Musical Review. It was awesome - such a cute show, lots of audience participation. Baby Gonzo had the best time, she was clapping and swaying to the music, laughing out and shoving all food in her face. She even ate salad.

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