Tuesday, March 4, 2008

(JessFinds) She has a date at 10 PM

I have the need to run and yell. Maybe like that awesome scene in Cabaret when Liza yells as the train is passing by. That would be good.

Work is beating up Preacher. Miss Crab refuses to eat food and can't afford to get much skinnier than she is. Baby Gonzo has a horrid bleeding diaper rash that makes me want to cry (has anyone w/ kids experienced this?) and the doc has given us a prescription for something that does not seem to be working.  I am buried in laundry and minutia task-lists.  And somehow, we are supposed to make it to Orlando tomorrow. 

I am going to take a Xanex at 10 PM and hopefully wake up refreshed enough to pack. 

Update: I am doing no such thing. Jericho is on tonight. And voting returns. I am a CNN junkie.


Marie said...

Have you tried changing diaper brands for Gonzo? good luck with the travel, have fun!!

Anne Marie said...

Is Gonzo teething? We used to get the dreaded bleeding rash during teething--something about excess acid in the system. Anyway, we used to, and yes I know this sounds weird, put liquid antacid on the baby's backside. And whatever ointment of the day we were trying--usually that stuff that smells bad but I can't remember the name of. Anyway, between the cream as a barrier/healer, and the antacid as a neutralizer (?) it got better. Gosh, that all seems like several lifetimes ago...