Tuesday, January 29, 2008

(JessFinds) Lestat is FOR SALE, a Beetlecat joins the family

In the ongoing saga of boat ownership, we are putting Lestat up for sale. If you know of anyone who is interested in a 25 foot Hunter sailboat, jet black w/ blood red trim w/ new sails ... let us know! 

Preacher purchased one of the historic Beetle Cat wooden sailboats. It is a much more manageable 12 1/2 foot sailboat. Beetle Cat's are really cool boutique hobby-type wooden boats that have a racing club out here. They are made locally.

Lestat was fun but has cost us a small fortune to maintain. Plus, every time Preacher went out for a sail it cost us $500 (lost eyeglasses, broken outboard motor, etc...) and he comes back covered in blood from some freak accident onboard. Not my personal idea of fun! The vampire boat has made for some great stories though ... like the time it broke loose and sailed itself out to sea, or the time Preacher doused himself in gasoline trying to get Lestat off the rocks ... or the time he plowed in to the harbor at full speed and the motor konked out.... or...

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