Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JessFinds a bunch of stuff at Etsy...

I know I am an Etsy stalker, but I do troll the site daily.  I can't stop. It is an addiction. Here are some of the things that I have recently marked as "Favorites." So cute.

I will buy this for myself as a reward for staying on my diet at some point. I love the design, I have developed a strange thing for bird decor and it reminds me of a tattoo. Gomeagan has this and more at her Etsy shop.

This just makes me grit my teeth in happiness! It is a personalized bunny - they have a variety of them at Apple and Eve's Etsy shop (appleandeve). Thinking about getting the girls these for their Easter baskets. 

This is a headband bandanna. I have not bought one yet but I imagine it would make me look very 1950's chic and not 1970's dirty hippy. This can be found at Danielleoporto's shop.

This is an I-Spy bag - such a great idea for travel and sick days. Over 40 objects are in the bag and a list is sewn on the back so you can say "Search for the thimble" and the child is off on a treasure hunt. This one is from Bumblebeebaby's shop but there are a number of them available on Etsy. 

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